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This WikiProject has been formed to foster the improvement of Wikipedia’s coverage of Italy—both the modern nation state and the rich and bewildering variety of historical states and cultures which have inhabited its territory. We intend to work in a spirit of cooperation with the many Wikipedians who have contributed to articles on “Italian” subjects.

This page and its future subpages contain suggestions on formatting and layout of articles, which can be discussed at the project's talk page. To participate simply add your name to the participants section, including (if you so wish) any particular interests or relevant specialisms.

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This project aims to address the production, improvement and coordination of articles related to Italy—its geography, history, culture, languages, politics, etc., all seen in their broadest senses. It intends to expand Wikipedia's resources on the subject in a fair and accurate manner and to act as a locus where controversies can be aired and hopefully resolved.

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